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Boom Boom


Jedi Warrior
One night the animals had a huge party in the jungle, every animal got completely plastered , there was much dancing and merriment and all in all everyone had a great time.
The next morning, the hedgehog woke up with a killer hangover and wandered over to the kerb to take a pee,he went to get his John Thomas out and it was gone. Thinking he was still a little tipsy he rummaged around but no, his John Thomas was definitely gone.Alas he thought, this is terrible, how can I have lost my John Thomas ? He couldn't remember much past a certain time from the night before so he decided that that was when his John Thomas got lost, so he tottered off into the jungle to see if he could find any other animals that were at the party last night who might know where his John Thomas is.
The first animal he came across was the elephant, the hedgehog asked him ' hey elephant, you were at the party last night right ?" to which the elephant replied that he was. " Did you see my John Thomas anywhere, I seem to have lost it ?" The elephant asked what it looks like. "its a small thing with four points on it, "replied the forlorn hedgehog. The elephant replied that no, he hadn't seen the hedgehogs John Thomas, but he will keep an eye out for it.
Further down the road the hedgehog stumbled across the bear. "Hey bear " said the hedgehog." I seem to have lost my John Thomas some time at the party last night , have you seen it?" The bear shook his head , he was hungover , but he asked the hedgehog what the John Thomas looked like. " its a small thing , about yay big with four points on it." Ok the bear replied and told the hedgehog that he would keep an eye out for it, curled over and went back to sleep.
Around a bend in the road the hedgehog came across the hyena, they were good friends, the hyena and the hedge hog.
"Hey buddy , how ya feeling ?" asked the hyena.
"Im good man, just have a small problem."
"what's that?" the hyena looked concerned.
"Well, last night at the party , I seem to have lost my John Thomas."
"Wow that's terrible, what does it look like?"
"a small thing with four points on it"
"Ok buddy, ill help you look for it. You carry on down this way into the jungle and ill take the hill path and meet you on the other side. ill help ya find your John Thomas buddy>" And off he scampered down the path.
The hedgehog wandered deeper into the jungle.
.After about 15 mins he came across the Jaguar lolled out on a tree branch.
"Hey Jaguar, how are you doing today."
"I'm quite content ." replied the jaguar .
"Oh that's great " said the hedgehog." I have a little problem, last night at the party I lost my John Thomas, have you seen it."
The Jaguar opened his eyes and asked the hedgehog," No but what does it look like.?"
The hedgehog replied, "its a small thing, about this big, with four points on it."
The Jaguar looked up." Oh that, I ate it."
"What the.....oh man......why did you eat my John Thomas.?????"
"Because I'm a four point tool eater Jaguar."'


Took me a moment but that's a good one!


Staff member
Ok, this one is right on the line -- but we'll leave it. Moving to Humor forum. (I may have to share this with my Jaguar club)