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Body shop Latest, forward progress


Great Pumpkin
Body shop up-date, forward progress

I stopped to drop off the newly rechromed bumper and got a few shots of the front panel after welding as they are prepping the area for paint and clear coat and fresh undercoating before getting ready to install the new fenders. Progressing along nicely now.







Jedi Warrior
Re: Body shop up-date, forward progress

Hey Paul, the cars looking great! Maybe with the CCBCC show being postponed from this weekend, depending on when they rescedule it, maybe you will be able have the car done in time to bring it to the show.


Great Pumpkin
Re: Body shop up-date, forward progress

Possibly, Rich, but I'm not about to push them now. My little drain seals are due in Weds (that's another side project) and the stainless under hood hardware arrived today, so it's all coming together nicely. One of the body guys was working on the fenders today, hand sanding them while the other was doing the front panel, so there is a possibility to be done in the new two weeks.

Panel seams and fit should be really good, as they've had the fenders on and off about five times now to tweak things in.


Re: Body shop up-date, forward progress

Wow Paul,

Your car looks better banged up than
most cars look out for a Sunday drive

Nice progress,



Darth Vader
Re: Body shop up-date, forward progress

Ah, I see seam sealer. they are doing a great job.


Jedi Knight
Re: Body shop up-date, forward progress

The shop looks to be doing a fantastic job of your car. Almost worth the pain of the crash!


Great Pumpkin
Re: Body shop up-date, forward progress

I really am very lucky. The shop owner likes me and the guys have all adopted this as a pet project, so they are very conscientious about this job. Not that they aren't about the work they do every day, but this car has become their pet.

Now if those darn 1/4 panel drains would just get here early enough tomorrow, we could figure out this drain project. I've already decided that if they don't work out as planned, with two coats of POR15 in there, there isn't much damage that will be done over the next 34 years, if there were no rust out or holes without it for the last 34.
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