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BN7 Coil Wires


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A have just finished painting the engine on my '60 3000 and encountered a bit of brain fade on reassembly. I had identified the wires from the distributor in a sketch, as I did with all of the wires that I detached. However, on reinstalling the coil atop the generator, I realized that it is possible to change the orientation of the plus and minus poles by simply rolling the coil over--I had removed it from the attaching bracket. I checked and found that I had attached the red wire from the Pertronix-equipped distributor to the negative pole and the black to the positive. I've now rolled the coil over and attached the red wire to the positive pole, the black to the negative. There is a third wire that is bundled with the negative wire to the generator, and I believe that should go to the other positive coil pole, as well. I didn't unwrap that wire to determine the color. I'll note that my car has a Toyota gear box, which means that some wires formerly associated with the overdrive system are missing. It also has additional wiring changes. I thought I could simply consult the wiring diagram in one of my two shop manuals to check the color codes against the wire colors, but that didn't provide the information I expected. Having installed a Pertronix in my Jag saloon some years ago, I'm well aware of the potential for blowing out that unit by improperly wiring it, so I am being ultra careful.


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Positive earth or negative earth? My 60 BN7 is positive earth with the Pertronix ignitor system. The pertronix black wire goes to the ignition switch wire. The black/white wire goes to the neg post on the coil. The pos post on the coil is connected to the frame. THIS IS FOR A POSITIVE EARTH. If yours is a negative earth, reverse the wiring on the coil. The neg post is grounded. The pos post has the black/white wire. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the help. It has a negative ground.


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I followed the Pertronix directions, with the black distributor wire to the coil negative post, the red to the positive. The other were went to the positive post, as well. Car is running perfectly. Next time I will pay more attention to the post markings.
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