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BN6 Battery location

Guy Marshall

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Hi all,

A PO has replaced the two 6 vol batteries in my BN6 with a modern 12v battery which has been relocated in the boot. Unfortunately he forgot a battery tray so it rattles around the boot and slides from side to side when cornering - not ideal!

After market battery trays are easy to find but I am tempted to relocate it back under the cover behind the seats (where the 6 volt batteries originally were). There seems to be plenty of room on the RHS (away from the fuel pump) for the 12 v battery. I would have to fabricate a tray and bolt it to the old 6v mount, and it seems like a good idea, but before I do, has anyone done this and is there a blindingly obvious reason its not?



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Guy - Your envisioned single-battery setup is the one everyone does for the two-seaters.

At an auto parts store, I bought a plastic tray and adjustable hold-down with j-bolts, which I bolted to the passenger-side battery support. My battery is smaller than the tray, so I mounted a small wood block in the tray to keep the battery from moving.

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Or with today's high energy/density battery technology place a single 12V battery in the original 6V location (one of them) and keep your boot space free.
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Seems I don't have a decent picture of the battery in my car__I guess no one's asked before!

I moved the fuel pump to the RH side, sitting above the hot exhaust seemed like a poor choice.

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I did the same thing as Steve but used a battery with side terminals which created clearance under the lid and made it easier to route the cables.
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