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BN2 real axle reboun buffer picture needed


Senior Member
Can anyone supply me with a picture of the rear axle rebound buffer picture or its dimentions shpecially height

Moss part 675-500 not availale for BN2

What is the difference with 675-510 for BN4

Where can I buy the buffer ?

Moss does not have it, victoria either


Country flag
I'm working from memory here, and may be mistaken, but IIRC the bump stops on our BN2/100M had width-wise bends in them; i.e. the metal base is not flat (and the rubber part is shaped so that the upper surface is flat). This is so that the base of the stop fits flush with a bend in the chassis rail. IOW, from this photo, I don't think this part is correct for a 100, although you might be able to modify (bend and shape) it to fit.

I'd call BCS and see if David has them.


Jedi Trainee
No, no, that's a chassis bump stop pad. Jose is talking about the conical bump stop that mounts under the pair of U bolts on top of the axle, left and right sides.
Bob is right in that the pad he's talking about is not flat on the Hundred, but can be mounted in a vise and easily bent to contour for the Hundred.
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