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BN1 Front Shroud Badge - What is original?


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No responses on the other board, trying my luck here.
Does anyone know how to distinguish original style winged shroud badges? The one I have is likely a new replacement, the back of it is solid, the feathers aren't the same vertical size. I've seen another like this where the back of it is open, like it was cast. I checked my copy of Anderson but it wasn't helpful in this regard.
Pedantic? Maybe. I'm just curious.
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If you post a picture of it you will likely get some responses.


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Each of these appears a little different. The first one is the one I have, which I think is a re-pop.


s-l1600 (5).jpg

s-l1600 (6).jpg


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Checking two of the three uninstalled ones I have (can't seem to lay my hands on "the third one," but it is a known re-pop - a high-quality repop from AH Spares purchased maybe ten years ago), both look most like your "middle one" and I'm inclined to believe that they are originals. One has been attached to a plaque that was given to me in 1987, and I'd be 98 percent sure that it is an original (I just pried it off the plaque for the first time in 32 years to see what the back looks like), and the other loose one that been rattling around my spares inventory for decades and I believe that it is also an original.

Assuming the front of your "middle one" looks good, I'd say that's the one to use if you're trying to determine which is most likely original.
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