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BN1 / BN2 Top Installation


Jedi Hopeful
I am replacing the top on my 1955 BN-1. It seems pretty straight forward, all but the stappleing the top to the wood header rail. I read Moss note in there catalog stating that the top installation should be done by a professional shop with Austin Healey experience? Am I missing something?
I did a search on BN1 top installation, but did not come up with anything. I looked on Healey 6 website, all they had were the differences in the BN1 bows and how they erect.
Did Rich Chrysler post anything anywhere?

Thank you


Jedi Hopeful
OK 40 views with no comments? How about pictures of the installation progression.

Thanks once again!
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I've done all the other Healey tops, including a Spridget, but never one for a 100, so I can't offer much specific help there, but generally speaking...

The tops are not hard to do, just a close attention to details. Look REAL GOOD, including numerous pictures of what you're taking apart, even if it only resembles a top (torn to shreds) because that's how you need to put it back together!

NUMBER ONE: avoid the instinct to stretch the top too tightly, as it will definitely shrink in the sun; you want to pull all the wrinkles out, and not be *baggy* but not so tight that when you bounce a quarter on it, it goes into orbit!

I highly recommend that you buy (or rent) a pneumatic staple gun with the long-reach neck on it. You'll appreciate having it, and so will the thumbs you don't hit with a tack-hammer! Visit an upholstery store's website to see what's available. You need the long-nose to accurately get inside the "hideum" strip. I have one that looks similar to this one:


Not much else I can say about it; look at a few online tutorials, even for a variety of different cars, and take what you've learned and apply it to your 100. Here's the link to a BJ8 top I did a few years ago (and it had been a very long time since I had done anything as simple as an MGB top, and that was my first on a BJ8): https://spcarsplus.com/gallery3/index.php/reMKIII/top_work

Good luck! Take lots of pictures, so the next guy will benefit from what you've learned!
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