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bn1-bn2 recognition

dod t know how many of you had time to read 'a.h. parts found'posted by me,but some one asked if it was a bn1 or bn2?all i know for sure that it has a folding type windshield,got a bunch of other parts from it,but how can i tell if its a bn1 or bn2,any distinguishing features between the too?ya i know about the vin tag on the fire wall but is gone rotted away,any help thanks anthony /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
A few BN1 - BN2 differences,
BN1 had 3 speed transmission, BN2 had 4 speed. BN1 had 1.75" wide brakes, BN2 had 2.25" brakes. BN1 had 4 stud rear hubs, BN2 had 5 stud. BN1 had bell housing integral with transmission, BN2 was separate. Most BN1's had 1.25" lower front fender cutout than BN2. Most BN1's had bevel gear rear axle, BN2 had hypoid.

The body number was stamped on the LH side of the bonnet edge near the rear. The boot stay bracket was stamped with body number. The front apron, (gravel shield) was stamped with the body number. The cockpit moldings were stamped with the body number. If you could find this number on any of the pieces it would be fairly easy to pin it down.
thank you ,of all the markings you mentioned the only parts i have are the front brakes.ill measure them in the morning,is that your car in the pics.?wowwwwwwwwwww!!!nice anthony.
dave thanks for the info.i measured the brakes,turns out its a BN1 1.75" brakes not aluminum drums but steal".ya lurns sumtin eva da"at least i hope so!thank you again /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif

Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
1- BN1 originally had a three speed transmission with OD. The BN2 had a four speed with OD.
2- BN1's had a two piece dash/facia panel, BN2's had a one piece.
3- B1's had 1.75" wide brake drums, BN2's had 2.25" wide drums.
4- BN1's had two OD control relays mounted on the inside of the firewall. BN2's had one relay mounted on the outside. The BN1 OD had a separate speed sensitive governor control switch mounted near thr rear of the OD unit.
5- The BN1 inner transmission hump cover was shorter with a extra hump on the side & a separate extension to the rear.The BN2 tunnel was a longer one piece tunnel without the side bulge.
6- BN1 front wheel bearings had angular contact ball wheel bearings, BN2's had tapered roller bearings.
7- Both models had the last four digits of the body number stamped on the LH side of the vertical bonnet flange near the rear edge.
8- Both models had the same number stamped on the boot lid stay bracket on the lid.
9- Both models had these numbers engraved into the inner surfaces of the back of the cockpit surround aluminum moldings.

10- There were also minor running production changes on the front & rear springs. & numerous other small details.

Early BN1's had a lower fromt fender wheel cutout opening, but the timing of the change over was indefinite.

If you can find any of these numbers, the build records should give clues to which model you have. The "Anderson-Moment" book gives a pretty good summary of the various build changes & model variations.

If you have specific questions, I will try to help.

Healey 100

Jedi Warrior
Good list, Dave. I do question the two piece dashboard though, I have seen many BN1's (including mine) with a single piece dash. Indeed, I understand that the two piece dash was on the earliest BN1's and was discontinued long before the end of the BN1 production -- just like the perspex side curtains and non-sliding driver's seat.


Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
Hi Bill,
You are correct. It is likely that only the early BN1's Had the two piece dash. It's hard to be certain of anything on these cars. I had a 56 BN2 in 1959. PO insisted that it's solid Perspex side screens came with the car. MY present BN2 has the intermediate steering box design while the books say it should have the later design. As others have said, I think they used whatever parts they had available at the time of assembly.


Jedi Warrior
I believe, whatever they found in the shop, got placed on the cars. My late BN1, 6/30/55, has the solid 1 piece dash, as well as, the later side curtins.
jim /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/driving.gif
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