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General Tech BMCNE GAP Session photos -


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Hi Guys,

Could have posted elsewhere but I usually post here in the "B" area... Why do all of my friends have B's? :smile:P)

Our club, BMCNE, has begun a new Garage Assistance Program. It has proved to be very popular and thankfully we have the talented individuals we need to pull this off.

We have not done a Spit or GT6 yet, But a Triumph Herald was one of our first. We do have a Spitfire Weber tuneup scheduled in the near future.

Enjoy the pics....


BMCNE Gap Session 1

BMCNE GAP Session 3

BMCNE GAP Session 4

Bill Maiorano GAP 3.jpg

Gilchrist welding structure.jpg


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Great photos Alan. The Herald looks beautiful...great color too!...and the GT6 by the curb is sweet.


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Garage Assistance Program - I like it!! Nice pictures, nice concept, nice to see a bunch of folks socializing and helping each other out.
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