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BJ8 with A/C

Bruce Bowker

Obi Wan
Any airco would havee been an aftermarket deal.


Darth Vader
Country flag
I have just finished fitting a BN4 with air conditioning. I have not totally installed it yet. It will be easier with the engine removed but can be done in the car. It is a vintage air unit that will fit under the dash. Outlets to go whereever you want. The hard part was fitting the bracket for the compressor. That too a few hours and some welding. The bracket will hold the compressor and the alternator and mounts where the generator is currently. Alternator on top and the generator below. Bracket is bolted to the tappet cover and Blank two holes. Since I am in the process of selling my house and moving to a new one, I put the project on hold for a few months. Should be able to finish it this winter. My new house has a 28 X60 shop! Should have plenty of room for working on cars. My wife thinks I will be busy with fixing the house as it was built in 1957. A lifetime of projects.

BN4 with 29D engine
extra 29E engine

Richard Dickinson

Jedi Trainee
A number of years ago I rember an article in the Austin Club of America magazine about installing an A/C on a Healey. Might be interesting to look it up.


Jerry, what kit did you use to fit a/c to your Healey? I need to fit 2 on mine - one for me and one for the engine! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif


Congrats on your new house, Jerry. Just don't make the same mistake I did: My 60 year old house had a perfectly lovely gargage attached by a custom-made and enclosed breezeway. I proceeded to convert the garage to a "study" with custom book cases, 3/4 bath and lots of frills.

I now have a Triumph I'm trying to restore WITHOUT a garage. All I have is a portable garage (i.e., tent). I've done most of the restoration work on the house, however, which is some consolation.

Good luck with the new digs!
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