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BJ8 Front Suspension


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I'm in the process of rebuilding my front suspension. I'm unable to remove the bolt that retains the front lower link bushing. The nut came off easily. I've soaked the bolt/pin w/penetrating oil for days, but still can't get it to budge. I'm considering a sawzall/reciprocating saw as last resort, but there's hardly enough room. I'd love some suggestions from those of you who have already been down this road. How do it get this dang thing out? There's got to be a better way.
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... There's got to be a better way??

Somewhat better than a sawzall is the use of a 'ball joint separator,' what my dad called a 'pickle fork:'

The problem is the OEM metal-rubber bushings; the inner metal sleeve rusts to the pin. With the pickle fork--sharpen the business ends if necessary--you can usually break the pin free. It will likely warp the head of pin, but they can usually be flattened with a hammer and anvil (or replace if you prefer). Consider urethane replacement bushings; they stiffen the suspension a little, should last forever but will probably squeak sooner or later.

Healey Nut

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Been there done that , a recip saw has to long a stroke to control it .
you can buy a Handle for a sawzall blade and cut the pins out by hand , pull up a comfy chair it takes a while .


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Success :smile: !!! Thanks for the pickle fork tip Bob...I owe you a beer. No idea why i didn't think of it myself. You know what they say...it takes a village. A couple of well placed bashes w/the pickle fork made enough space for the sawzall w/a short blade on it. Then finished the cut by hand. Phew :smile:


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John Turney

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If you use the urethane bushings, be sure to grease the pins with some waterproof grease - will delay the onset of squeaking.
I went the whole hog and drilled mine for grease fittings:
View attachment 69490
If you don't use urethane bushings and the bushings have a steel sleeve, use anti-seize. If the new bushings don't have a steel sleeve, do not use grease, the rubber flexes.


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Finally got that last dang bushing out. Oscillating saw was essential. My intent is to go w/poly bushings, no steel sleeve. Thank you John.


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John T,
Pretty sure there aren't any actual rubber bushings without the steel sleeve. The sleeved or sleeveless poly bushings rotate on the pins and will squeak without grease. I know this from personal experience. Also Tom Monaco (Tom's Toys) told me they always grease the poly bushings for the same reason.

Personally like the poly bushings because you don't have to mess with the 2" block every time you jack up the car.
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