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BJ8 Door Seal Orientation


Freshman Member
I just bought the Bristelflex door seals and was about to put them on the car and wanted to be sure they went on correctly. Was not sure what was on the car was installed right and didnt want to duplicate the mistake.

Question: Does the rubber go to the inside or to the outside?? I assumed the rubber went to the inside and tucked under the aluminum trim at the bottom along the seat area.



Jedi Knight
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Rubber goes to the outside; fur to the inside. At the rear of the door opening, the seal bends over and extends on top of the rear inside panel about 2.5 to 3 inches and attaches on the top of the panel with a metal clip. Look in the front of a Moss catalog in the interior upholstery for a pic of a BJ8 that shows the bend over the rear panel.

Legal Bill

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^Agree, but I want to add that you should end the seal right above the tenax fastener on the interior quarter panel. It just serves as a precise end point.


Senior Member
Great shots since I am doing my BJ7 interior this month. I can't find the moss # for the seal clip to interior pannel. Can you help?

Sorry for my edits I just found the part # for the door seal end clip 240-530. Must be getting too old.


Freshman Member
Thank you all for the comments and photos - the seals are installed - they look great - fit great - and it was an easy installation...... and they are staying put.


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Hi Ausmhly, Shorn and others.
I just received today the covers to finish the draught excluders around the doors on my BJ8 phase II. I tried to work out how to fit them, couldn't so searched and found this post which shows how the top end of the stip should fit at the rear of the doors. Mine however have been cut off by the PO and left raw at the top of the door pillar ie not bent over and fixed to the interior trim panel so it looks like my first job is to order new seals. Could someone please post pictures of how the other end of the seal is finshed at the top of the windscreen so I don't get that wrong when I put in the new seals and also pics to show how the caps should look on the bottom of the hood seals where they contact the top of the door frame. I can see the base of one of them in the final photo above but not clearly. I have four LH and four RH seal caps but not sure how they go.


Ian Irving
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