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BJ7 Weather Strip Installation


Freshman Member
In typical fashion, I have a BJ7 I received in parts and I'm trying to get the interior and windows put together.

I'm confused on how the outer weather strip to the window is attached. I bought the clips from Moss and it attaches fine to the sheet metal but then I can't figure out how to attach the chrome molding. Does the weather strip attach to the molding first?




Freshman Member
I think I found at least part of the answer in a thread from last year. The clips attach to the chrome molding then that goes to the sheet metal.

After much experimenting it looks like the clips face to the inside of the molding - see pic. If they face out the molding sticks out too far and the top of the door looks misaligned. Of course now the window operation is much stiffer with the rubber resistance against it.



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A light application of a spray silicone on the inner face of the outer rubber will make a huge difference on it not wanting to grab and roll with the glass.
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