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Bizarre cooling leak....intermittent, too!!


Great Pumpkin
Saturday, after cleaning up the car, I opened the hood to check a few things and I noticed a few drops of green antifreeze on the block , near the right motor mount. I assumed that one of the clamps to the new manifold installation was loose, so I checked them all and none were the least bit loose and there was no obvious sign of where it came from. All hoses are dry.

OK, so today, I back the car out of the garage and go back in while it's warming up and I notice a wet spot on the old carpet that I had under the car while I was working on it. It's the A/F and I check the coolant expansion jar and it's empty. It hasn't been empty in a year, so somethings up. I look back under the hood and no leaks are obvious, so I shut it down and finish my in house projects.

About 3 hours later I come out and look back at the hoses and the upper hose on the lower rad connection looks like it's sweating A/F. The car has cooled off, so I wipe it off and squeeze the hose. the A/F appears again, almost like it's sweating and it's obviously the leak. So I order new green hose to replace it. I top off the coolant and drive about 20 miles. No overheating and the hose is dry as a bone?????

This hose is part of a one year old TRF green hose replacement set. I've never seen anything like this in the thousands of coolant leaks that I've seen over the past 40 years. One minute the hose looks porous, then next it's fine.

Anyone ever have this issue? /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
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