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TR6 Binding Clutch Pedal


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I’m having trouble with the clutch pedal which seems to feels as though it is binding after driving 15-20 minutes. I bought new master, slave and hose. I’ve bleed the clutch system several times, gotten the air out, then the pedal feels good when engine started, Feels good thru all gears, took for rides, shifts well and then I start to feel the binding! Just can’t figure what it could be !! Any ideas would certainly help, losing great driving days Thanks

Martin Secrest

Senior Member
You bought new master and slave cylinders, or you rebuilt them? What fluid are you using?

When you say 'binding,' do you mean it gets harder to push the clutch through its normal range?


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Martin, I bought both new and also a repair kit for each. I switched to Dot 4. Had some trouble getting all the air out though!

Berry, I did read your attached article before But, was hoping that wasn’t the problem but, it may be ! Back in August 2018, I had An internal engine problem and the reputable restoration shop had to pull the engine for the fix and it’s noted in his repair report Under transmission that they: replaced the front cover gasket and input seal which required removal of the clutch release fork for clearance. They cleaned the front cover and reinstalled with new hardware including new pin and wire, replaced the front lay shaft cover gasket, separated the throw out bearing from sleeve with press and replaced the throw out bearing And replaced the trans tail shaft seal and also replaced a worn clutch shaft push rod pin and checked the clutch operation Just for some backup. So I guess the only fix is to pull the tranny or have them do it ?


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I admit that every possible culprit should be eliminated before removing the transmission, but I can't think of any problem with the clutch pedal assembly that would cause binding. The bushings in the clutch pedal box are a soft lead like material that would give a lot of "slop" when worn, but not binding. Just a wild guess from here, but it seems like the release bearing sleeve binding on the front cover is the most likely culprit. Whether the previous work done in the area was a factor a matter of speculation.


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Well thank you Berry, I’ll have to visit the shop next week to see for one which bearing they installed and why, since I never had any problems shifting in the 11 years I owned my ‘74 TR6 before the engine work was done !

I’ll report what I find out and what I plan to do to get it repaired. Again thanks!
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