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Bigeye fuel filter and placement recommendation?


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After a total restoration of my bugeye a couple of years ago, I made the mistake of not putting a fuel filter in. That little mistake came back to bite me. Can someone give me a recommendation of the type/brand that has worked well for them as well as specifically where it is placed? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


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Kevin, I just buy cheap ones at my local annual swap meet - Mine is installed between the fuel pump and the carb. I also put in a new tank when I restored Ms Triss - others have also installed one between tank and pump - belt & braces.


Yep- just as JP said, a cheap one both before and after the pump, both back near the pump so that you can access the both


My comments are not Bugeye specific. I place a clear glass/metal filter with replaceable elements between the pump and fuel tank. These are often sold under the Spectre brand name at the local parts store. These are "coarse" filters and are great for catching scale from the tank. Since they are glass you can see the debris collecting. Right before the carbs I use a translucent, plastic fuel filter. I use the type that was sold for years to be used on air cooled VWs. They cost too much at the parts store so now I order them on eBay in quantities of 5 or 6 at a time.

SD Bugeye

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Make sure if you place one before the pump (feed to pump) that it is large enough to be as non restrictive as possible
pumps designed to push fuel and not pull well even minor debris in the suction line to a pump can apply enough stress to over amp the pump.


Make sure if you place one before the pump (feed to pump) that it is large enough to be as non restrictive as possible

That's why I chose the transparent filters with replaceable elements. The filter element is a coarse woven mesh (to catch big debris) and the clear body lets you know at a glance if it is time to change the filter.


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I use the the same glass one as Doug, only I put it between the pump and the carbs. My tank is clean and I rarely see any debris. As for the glass breaking, it is thick. I don't worry about it breaking. I use the same setup on my Triumph. I like that the fact that it has metal ends and the only plastic is the filter. The best part is that you can just take it apart and clean it. I have only replaced the filter about once in 5 years. You will not be stranded due to a clogged filter.
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