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Big Healeys at Britfest [photos]


Great Pumpkin
I went to Britfest-2013 for the morning yesterday (it's very close to my house).

Met some old friends and also saw some neat cars including some big Healeys

Photos in the link are in no particular order.

Link to approx 130 photos------>https://vintageracer.tripod.com/britfest13.html

Some sample photos below:











Jedi Knight
Country flag
Great pics! Thanks for posting them.


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
NIce to see somewhere where it was not raining! Thanks for posting

Niels - Thanks for posting, looks like a great display of LBC. I took the MK III out today with my wife and daughter to enjoy the unusual 80 degree weather we're having here in Portland, OR. She ran wonderfully, even though I haven't give her the love she deserves over the past couple years. Didn't miss a beat in the slow drive in the higher temp. My 17 year-old still loves to cruise in car as much as I do, she'll most likely end up with it....
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