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Big healey coil springs

Marvin Gruber

Country flag
We are converting my brothers 57 100/6 to front disc brakes using BJ8 axles so we can use the four pot Toyota brake caliphers. Not sure which coil spring to go back with. The 100/6 spring stands about an inch taller than the BJ8 spring and has about a half turn more coils. BUT the BJ8 springs are thicker, maybe 5/8" vs the 1/2" thk 100/6 spring. We want the car to stand a little taller. So comments please as to which spring to go back with?



Senior Member
I put BJ8 springs on my BN1 and they set way too high so I removed them. Canadian retailer said they would be an upgrade for my car. Not so much.


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The higher the from the heavier the steering and the higher that back the lighter it gets.ideally BJ8 springs cut to give the correct ride height would give better handling. I have a BJ7 with new front shocks and the front is underdamped and too soft at higher speeds IMO. It's pleasant to tour in though.


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ideally BJ8 springs cut to give the correct ride height would give better handling.

You mean professionally​ designed or hot rod chop or sawing off a section of the spring? I've read that one should not try to cut on springs, effects design or something?


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When I swapped original 100-six front springs for the BJ-8 springs, the ride height remained the same, but the front end got nicely firmer. Newer shocks done at the same time surely helped.


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We have BJ8 springs in our '56 100M and you need to add spacers to lower the ride height, the "hot" setup for a 100 racer is stiff in the front, and softer in the rear......


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We have BJ8 springs in our '56 100M and you need to add spacers to lower the ride height, the "hot" setup for a 100 racer is stiff in the front, and softer in the rear......

I put on Tom's lowering kit, just 1/2" but it makes a difference.
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