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Best gas tanks?


I pulled the tank on the BN4 tonight. it had 10 gallons in it and about 30 pounds of rust and sand. I'm just going to save myself the hassle and get a new tank.

Who's got the best one? I've seen them on ebay, and moss has them. anyone else?

1957 AH 100-6.


Darth Vader
Country flag
I've been told that steel will rust and aluminum will corrode and stainless stell will last forever.

All seem to be priced accordingly.


I'm really looking for a difference in quality...there may be a small problem...I have a longbridge car...

I have solid line that goes to the fuel pump, and the line leaves the tank vertically. I see that there are fittings on many of the other tanks that exit horizontally.


Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
Moss now offers a Zinc plated (galvanized) tank for late BN4 & up. The outlet fitting may not be correct for your Longbridge though.

In my opinion ALL tanks should be galvanized as were many/most older tanks. The galvanized tanks never had rust or corrosion problems. I think some of them cheaped out by using bare steel. Bare steel now seems to rust more with the new alchol fuel mixes.

Aluminum used to be a very good option with the older gasoline formulations. With the advent of alcohol fuel mixes, which attract water, I'm not so sure how aluminum will hold up.

I'd still go for the galvanized coating on steel if you could work out the outlet fitting. Some folks have adapted things to fit the right angle outlet to the vertical outlet pipe.

Watch for fitting thread compatibility problems.

Depends on how original you want things to be.


Thanks dave. I've considered buying that galvanized tank, then having the correct fitting welded in place. (probably from the old tank). Like I said previously, my tank has a vertical threaded bung that's the same thread as the ones on the fuel pump itself.

I want this car to have a "maintained original" feel about it. I'm just going to get it running right now, and perhaps in the fall it'll come apart so the body can go out and be done. The rockers are a little crunchy, but everything else is solid.



I've sent my stock tank out to get refurbished...I'll let you know how it comes out. the tank wasn't in such bad condition after all. most of the crap inside was crystalline fuel.

The radiator shop I sent it to will dip it, paint it, and coat the inside (ala eastwood kit) for 125 bucks...not bad.



Jedi Warrior
I would think twice about the sealer. We had a club member who had a good tank and had it dipped and coated. There was a buildup near the fuel pickup and the tank became unusable due to a fuel starvation problem as there seemed to be a flap that developed over the fuel pickup pipe. Aslo, how will the sealer react to future fuel mixtures? No one knows. If it were me, I would just have it dipped right before you install it and fill it with gas.


Jedi Knight
you can usually prevent the sealer / flap problem in the tank by having the little factory dirt screen drilled out of the pickup in the tank. That dirt screen is nothing but problems - you have filter screens on the pump so...


Jedi Knight
Three years have now passed since I repaired my tank using fiberglass on the outside, then a complete clean out , etch,
and coated the inside with the three part Moss kit. I also
installed an inline glass bowl fuel filter before the 1st carb.
No problems with trash or blockage at all. No trouble with leaks or any gas smell in the boot ever since. The only substance that will dissolve the the white coating from Moss is M.E.K. which cannot ever be put into gasoline in the future. It would eat through fiberglass fuel tanks which are in wide use in power boats.
If the tank is properly cleaned and etched before the application of the white coating, then that coating should not come loose. An experienced radiator shop that also repairs gas tanks should be able to do the job right. Gas tanks have been reconditioned by radiator shops since their have been gas tanks and radiator shops.
As always, others opinions may vary.


Darth Vader
Country flag
Hi Ed, I never repaired one with fibre glass but I have successfully used the white coating kit. Had the car about five years, never had a problem.
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