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Belt preservative?


Great Pumpkin
Does anyone use "belt conditioners" on serpentine and fan belts?

I know things like Armorall and 303 will make belts look pretty, but wouldn't they reduce grip?

There are also things like CRC Belt Conditioner, and Gunk Belt Conditioner, which say they reduce belt drying.

Does anyone use those things these days? and of course - are they worth while?

Tom M.


My experience has been to stay away from these products. They may quiet a noisy belt ~initially~ but they soon dry out and may even be detrimental to the belt. If you are looking to quiet a noisy belt look for pulley or idler pulley alignment.
Just my opinions...


Darth Vader
All belt lubes are just temporary. Cheaper to just replace belt at maintenace intervals. Check idler pulleys and anything belt moves (as above ) as brand name belts are made for long service.

John Turney

I've used the CRC belt conditioner. It has stopped belt slipping. I don't know if it lengthens the life, it's only been a couple of years on my Healey.


Jedi Warrior
I am with no belt conditioner, if you have noise a bar of soap will quiet it but not correct reason. If belt slipping is the reason belt is old replace it Our LBC have little load on belts not like power steering pumps so run belt lose it is easer on bearings water pump, Gen/Alt. An for what belts look for major name and string pulleys for true belts are V shaped for grip not aliment. Madflyer

John Turney

It's not a stock Healey setup. It has an AC compressor. The belt from the crank runs the water pump and the compressor clutch. The belt is probably undersized. The belt was new when I used the conditioner. Any tighter and the water pump bearing will be compromised.


Jedi Knight
As the belts should be shielded from UV, I don't think a rubber conditioner would help the life of the belt much.

It could add some "bling" for a car show, with an open hood!
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