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Before and After Pics Longbridge 100-6


Jedi Warrior
This car came to me after the person who began the restoration suffered a stroke and could not continue the work. He had done an excellent job of rebuilding the frame and much of the car structure; he had worked as a body work instructor and contract restorer for a major automotive museum in Alberta. His son had taken the car apart in the 1970s or so.

The first picture is of the car on a rotisserie, as I completed welding it together and applied primer and paint to the underside and structure. I applied basecoat-clearcoat last fall and completed the assembly over the winter. Colors are as per the heritage certificate. Probably about two thousand hours went into the restoration. The parts suppliers also likely noticed a small uptick in business for a while.

About two thousand hours of my time later, the car is now ready to get the bugs out. That will have to wait until the snow goes, hopefully within a month or so. Still have to do a few final gap adjustments on trunk and doors etc, so don't look too closely.


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Jedi Warrior
That Longbridge Healey on BAT could well be one of the best survivors left and may have a future in a museum. I would be afraid to drive it out of fear of putting more wear and tear on it.

Oil pans (and frames) certainly took a beating on many Healeys, especially back in the day when they served as inexpensive daily drivers for young people. I recall missing a driveway in Wichita coming out of a parking lot with my blue BN6. It hung up on the unusually high curb. We pushed it off and drove away. I can only imagine the scars the poor car suffered from that and other incidents.
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