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Been thinking - about time.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
If Miss Agatha is not driven weekly the fuel that should be in her float chambers seems to evaporate. Really makes her a pain to start ie it takes a few cranks.

The only thing I can think is that the gasket around the top of the cap part needs replaceing along with the overflow line gaskets.

See no leaks.

Gona go look and see if I have some. Noop gona have to make a purchase.

Do you guys agree or do you have a better idea? I don't think I changed these when I rebuilt the carbs a few years back.


Jedi Trainee
On target Jack!!

They will deteriorate over time.



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Durn, it was the Float Chanber lid washer.

If I go out and rub my finger along it I get a bit of fuel, just on the washer, not a real leak.


Luke Skywalker
jlaird said:
The only thing I can think is that the gasket around the top of the cap part needs replaceing along with the overflow line gaskets.

See no leaks.

First, congrats on your latest award. :cheers:

Jack, as I recall, you have HS1's, yes?

I think these are prone to leaks both from the underside of the jets, as well as from the bottom of the float bowls. I think that is a more likely scenario.

I'm wondering with your fuel filter being below the carbs if you are; getting a siphon effect or perhaps a leak down the line? Place some white paper on the floor underneath and see if you have any telltale spots.

For those of you who haven't seen Miss A before, here's a few pix of Miss Agatha in the hotel lobby at LoTo.




Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Wow, what a nice looking BE Gerard. LOL

Will go out and check bottom corks and such with my trusty finger. Back, no bottom leaks or sepage that I can find other than that darn top ring.

I think I found the problem, as usual with you guys listening as I go through it.

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