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GT6 Been a while on a GT6 transmission.


Luke Skywalker
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OK, I should have gone through the transmission while it was all being transferred, To plead my case, all bushing replaced in the lever action and all looked great inside, not even the reverse gear had wear. Took a shot.
Not wanting to stay in second and this makes me think the "C" clip got broken over the 6 months it sat in the car while we were finishing up the other stuff.
I remember someone giving a good write up on the rebuild of a Spitfire, pretty much the same, and would like to review it. It's been about 15 years or more since my last one. I did find the dummy shaft for the lay gear, so a good start.
I cannot find this write up, any help would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I have the Bentley, but this was a real good article.
Thanks, Wayne


Sorry Wayne, I wish I could offer guidance but it has been over 20 years since I worked on our GT6's gearbox. What I remember was a few things requiring "shimming" which I handled with/around the clips.

I have only worked on a few gearboxes in my life. I seem to remember that not staying in gear was commonly associated with worn shift forks and damaged or missing detents.


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Thanks Doug. I have been going over a gearbox that was torn apart years ago and pretty much recall all the little bits that give some grief.
I have laid all the tools out near the press and am ready when we can get it out. I'll follow the Bentley to get things out and in, in proper order. When can you show up? LOL

When we get through with this one, my overdrive is going in the TR6. Lots of fun.

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