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TR4/4A Battery recommendation


Senior Member
Hi - can anyone recommend a good but moderately priced battery for my TR4?
Based in US,
Many thanks,

Lou Metelko

Jedi Trainee
All of the TR2s thru the 4As came from the factory with Group 72 batteries, Only the group 72 batteries properly fills the designated space for the battery. The price of any battery in the last half dozen years will take your breath away!

Hate to break the news but good and moderately priced anything are on opposite ends of the equation!

Lou Metelko
Auburn, Indiana


Jedi Knight
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I use a Bosch 24f about $110 from PepBoys.825cca @ 32degrees.

A few days later my friend bought a similar Motocraft at the ford dealer for about the same price.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Do you have a Costco in your area? After experiencing their return policy first-hand, I won't buy anywhere else. They don't advertise the details, but I got a full refund of the current new price, on a battery that was 4 years old. Walked out with a new one and it only cost me $5 (the core charge had gone up). The contrast to O'Reillys was extreme. (I had to yell at the manager to even get them to admit that a 72 month battery was still under warranty when it was 3 years old. And the replacement, that cost me as much as the 72 month battery even with their "adjustment", was only warranted for 24 months.)

Sorry, I don't recall the details; but I'm using a smaller battery that was less expensive. With the alternator, it works great for me.


Luke Skywalker
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+1 for Costco batteries, exemplary service here.

Geo Hahn

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Costco & WalMart are my go-to sources for batteries. I am using Group 27 which mostly fill the available space - was about 100 bucks at WalMart.

I use single fill caps in place of the multi-port it comes with and some faux labels to give it a less modern look:



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
All of the TR2s thru the 4As came from the factory with Group 72 batteries,

Lou, what's your reference for that information? I'm curious because, for example, the TR2-3 workshop manual lists Lucas Models GTW7A/2, GTW9A/2, GT9A/2 and
GTZ9A/2. The GTW7A appears to be a much smaller battery than the others. Some poking about on the Internet produced the following meager info

GTW7A 38 ah (10 hr rate) 10-3/4 x 6-7/8 x 9-1/4
GTW9A 51 ah 12.5 x 6.75 x 8

According to the BCI group size chart I have (which oddly enough doesn't match the one Geo linked to)
a GTW7A is closer to group 24 (10.3L 6.8W 8.9H)
and GTW9A is closer to group 27 (12.1L 6.8W 8.9H)
Note that I'm not saying you are wrong, the Internet is notoriously unreliable and I certainly wouldn't want to bet on those numbers. Still, I'm curious because the battery pocket on my TR3 at roughly 14" by 8" appears to be considerably larger than needed for a group 72 (which https://coastalbattery.com/boatbatt.php?id=14 gives as 9.06 x 7.06 x 8.25 )


Senior Member
I recently needed a battery for my TR4a. I went to Costco to get an Interstate battery. They had one listed as “Fitment 35, Group 27”. Unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock. The tech looked at several other stores in NJ, but none of them had it either. He said the closest store with one was in Pennsylvania, in fact almost every store in Pennsylvania had them! Weird. He also said the battery could not be shipped or special ordered. So I wound up ordering a Diehard battery and picked it up at Sears.

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