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Battery recommendation besides Optima


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I've had 2 Optima (Red Tops) go out on me in the past few years so I'm looking to try another brand. I don't think I want to spend $200+ on a yellow top either as I can't justify it for the Optima brand given their red top performance. What other brands/models of batteries do you guys have? It doesn't have to be a high end either, so if you've had great luck with Die Hard, I'd be interested to hear.

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I got Napa's brand with high cold start capabilities. Less than 90 dollars. Good warranty. Great starting. They told me it was made by the same people who make Interstate.


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Tahoe - Do you know what model battery you have?

Is it this one? - https://napaautoparts.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?A=NBE9834_0300667347&An=599001+101967+50359+2359002+25011&Ar=AND(P_RecType%3aA)



Darth Vader
Hello Brandon, I don't care to get into what is your favorite brand of battery, but I will add this:
If you don't purchase the correct size (group #) battery your original generator may not be able to keep it charged. If you've installed an alternator it probably doesn't matter. I've found a group 22 battery is sufficent for my mostly original car. Consult your shop manual and owners manual for stats on the size of battery you require.
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You don't give any specifics as to what was wrong with the Optimas but If I had two batteries go bad in as many years I would want to know why before I bought another one, regardless of brand. You may have some problem in your charging system or some parasitic drain that will kill the next one as well.

FWIW I have used Optima red tops on my Courier and in my wife's 3000 for several years with no trouble.


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I suspect my generator is going out. I had it rebuilt about 6 years ago and I think it's calling it quits again. I think I'm going to convert to an alternator now to avoid any future issues.

You're probably right about the car causing the batteries to have issues.

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Big Healey batteries usually cross-reference to a Group 24. Costcos around here quit stocking Group 24s a while back. In a pinch, I bought a 'generic' Group 24 at a local parts house (around $80); it was an 84-month battery and dang if it didn't last almost 7 years (might have gone longer but it was borderline on a load test and I was taking a long trip). My only complaint was that it was maintenance-free; I prefer being able to check the electrolyte level. I just bought another of the same 'brand;' and this one isn't maintenance-free. I think most batteries are made by Johnson Controls; the price/quality is a function of the plate size and spacing, and the strength of the case.

One thing that kills batteries is non-use. If you can't drive the car regularly get a trickle/float charger. BatteryMinder brand is highly thought of in the aviation community (NFI), and can even bring a mildly sulfated battery back to life.


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I don't know if you can get them in the right size but I am going to recommend a Nissan battery, my 99 Maxima has been going over 12 years on the factory battery. Thought about replacing it as preventative maintanance, but decided to see how long it will last.

According to this article most conventional batteries actually come from only three manufacturers.


Rob Glasgow

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Interstate - The last one I had in my BT7 lasted 8 years. I have an I-24F. My car is neg. ground which means the terminals are located to the outside edge of the trunk, not toward the inside like the original setup. I like that set up since the terminals are "hidden" under the shroud and not as exposed to the car cover I keep in the boot. It may make jumping the car a little more difficult, but I haven't had to do that in many years.

Bob Hughes

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When my battery died I just visited my local scrappy and asked for the biggest battery off a diesel car that they had and that would fit in the compartment of course.

Got a nice one for ÂŁ10 and I do not have any trouble with it.




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I originally had a red top optima but I learned the hard way
that red tops are not supposed to be discharged all the way.
The 1st time mine was discharged all the way, I simply charged it back up and all was OK. The 2nd time I accidentally
discharged the battery all the way, it was ruined and would not take a charge.
The yellow top is designed to be able to be discharged all the way without any bad effects.
The guarantee was good so the Yellow top was mostly paid for by giving them back the bad red top.
No troubles from the yellow top but I don't think I have accidentally discharged the yellow top since I got it.


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As soon as you stop using your battery it begins to sulfate. Your everyday driver never has this problem so that battery will last for years. If you are not driving your Healey, make sure you zap your battery at least once every a week or two with a charger to stop the sulfating process.


Jedi Warrior
The automotive battery is designed to cycle down only 15% anything below that on a regular basis, and its the beginning of the end. A battery maintainer is the thing, even if you are just parking it for the five day work week, and driving it on weekends. It give the battery a "stir" every so often an this will make it last for ever. We have a low $$ end battery attached to our starter tester (put on in 1998, with a maintainer) it just sits on the bench until we need to test a starter,still going strong.Schumacher (#PSC-15A-OB) makes the best for any 12 volt vehicle storage.
PS. In the late nineties the battery in a average new GM car when driven on a cold rainy night was discharging, system usage was greater than alternator output.
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