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TR2/3/3A banjo bolts to seal up on the early SUs


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I am having trouble getting those banjo bolts to seal up on the early SUs. Are those little gaskets made poorly or any suggestions would help. They are pretty straight forward, but I cannot get them to seal.


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I always forget about him, but yeh I bet it is those seals. I hate to tighten them up like that and they are still leaking. Glad to hear there is another solution because something was going break. I thought about maybe block sanding the one surface, but they are new and should seal up easy.


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Might be worth checking that they are thick enough. Try assembling just finger tight, without the fiber washers, and measure how much clearance there is. If two washers don't stack up thicker than that, use 3 of them.


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I got some gasket material from Advance Auto parts and cut it in the shape of the fiber gasket and put one on each side of the fiber gasket along with some Hylomar sealant and that helped seal it up.
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