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TR4/4A Bad news on my TR4

Alfred E. Neuman

Jedi Trainee
We're moving buildings and I won't have the space to do any real restoration work on the car. Only projects I can do are things that I can pull in Friday and be done and out by Sunday afternoon. Since I work turning wrenches 60 hours a week, I'm just too tired to spend an entire weekend working on my own car with a deadline hanging over my head. My little 1 car garage at home just isn't going to cut it.
So I've decided to sell it. If anyone wants or knows of anyone who would want a really solid, 100% rust free RHD TR4 with factory aluminum Surrey top and OD, let me know. Car is a great driver, but I've only had time to drive it around the city.


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Can you keep it as a fun driver? Something may come up to improve the situation.

Very sad if you have to let it go.



Luke Skywalker
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Ya I was thinking the same thing. I would have a anxiety attack if I had to get rid of any on my TRs. Wife said to me one day in front of friends that our daily drivers site out side and the toys stay in the garage. So you see the pic on the left I had a 26x48 garage built to house the toys. Only 3 TRs at the time but if you build the space they keep on coming.

I feel your pain Alfred. 4 TRs and 2 Volvos, a Ranger Truck and a Vibe GT. It seems like all I do is work on cars on the weekends. I'm a sales rep in the auto industry and travel 150 miles a day so lots of oil changes and problems. A lot of my techs I call on say they work on cars all day and it's the last thing they want to do when they get home. Anyway don't do anything you'll regret later. Sounds like you only got 1 TR so not so bad. Good luck on whatever you decide.
Alfred E. Neuman

Alfred E. Neuman

Jedi Trainee
Thanks guys,
Keeping it as-is and driving it around town on the weekends was a strong consideration, but I haven't even really had the time for that. When the weekend comes the last thing I want to do is be around any car of any kind, other than to drive to a trail head so I can hike in the woods. And it'll be at least a decade before we can retire and move to a house that has a garage. So I'd end up just making myself get the thing out every few weeks just to keep it alive by driving around the neighborhood. I'd be much better off with a fully restored Sprite that I can do simple maintenance to and zip around town. Or get a nice touring bike *cough Tiger 800 cough* that I could load up and head to the mountains for the weekend.
So the TR is going to go away. It's a great car, just doesn't fit in with what I can do right now.


I did both of these restorations in my single car garage. The Midget was first and was a ground up restoration. Including repairing rear collision damage. The TR6 included repairing damage from hitting a deer. Patience and persistence were the key.

on trailer.jpg after.jpg IMG_6839.jpg IMG_1937.jpg


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The car as a RHD is just screaming for repatriation to its homeland - try TR Register and some of the UK Facebook options and I bet you would do very well.
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