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Bad Day on the Hill in NZ


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"A rare 1962 Austin Healey nearly rolled after losing traction on Wellington's Mt Victoria - and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Bernie Huynen, 61, was competing in the Alexandra Rd Hill-climb event on March 17, run by the Wellington Car Club, when a light rain set in.
"I was driving very cautiously," Huynen said.
But caution was not enough and, while rounding a moderate left-hand bend, he appears to have hit a slick patch and lost traction, careening into a dirt bank and into trees.
"I just came around the corner and it spat me into the bank."
He has 40 years' experience racing Austins and his confidence is evident in the video, as he stays remarkably calm as his car reels from the impact.
He now faces the daunting prospect of repairs on the rare, all-aluminium car, which he has only had for six months.
"That's what's so soul destroying."
The car is a highly-modified 1962 Austin Healey 3000 which boasts a 3-litre straight six-cylinder engine." https://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/8469572/Classic-car-in-Wellington-hill-climb-disaster


Jedi Knight
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Ouch ! Thank goodness he wasn't hurt but the Healey will be in the shop for a while !!!


Luke Skywalker
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There's a sick feeling that goes through you when that happens. He's lucky it didn't roll, in the slow-motion frame by frame it appears ready to barrel roll, but settle at the last second. Very unfortunate for the car, the drive seem unscathed though I'm sure he had a few bruises. I hope there's a full recovery for both.


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Glad the driver was OK. I'm sure that beautiful car will be repaired.
One question: Any BCF members from Wellington, NZ on here?
Now back to our thread.


Darth Vader - R.I.P
Well that had to be a tad unsettling. Good ending for a bad event.


Luke Skywalker
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Surprised he is not wearing gloves. He was definitely a bit unlucky there.

He's from New Zealand....He's doesn't need no stinkin' gloves!
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