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auto transport recommendation


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looking for company to haul an Austin healey bn6 from northern California to south Carolina. most likely will have to be open carrier but might consider a closed transport. recent good experiences much appreciated. thanks in advance for any help!.....Please excuse the double post!!!


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I used Passport Auto Transport to move an MG TD from Denver to St. Louis area about 8 months ago. Communication was excellent. They were very quick IMO and everything arrived in fine condition. I used the on-line quote feature and that is what I ended up paying.


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I had a horrible experience with reliable carriers recently. It took them two months to pick up a car in Utah and deliver it to Alabama. Unless you are buying a car at auction, I would avoid Reliable Carriers. Passport should be a better choice.


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I had my 100 hauled from California to Long Island NY for $1050 (open trailer). I used a broker and they set up the delivery company. They used DOT Automotive Of WI LLC. Phone- (414) 400-9999. The brokers name and number is Aaall States Auto Transport 712-823-0443. They were quick and I had no issues.
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Larry, I've been using these same haulers/brokers for going on eight (<8) years now. They're the ones that bring me M Coupes & Rdstrs from all over the country to work on. Knock wood, but zero claims!

Descendant's Transportation (formerly [Ron] McCauley Trucking), cal Deb, or daughter Jessica McCauley for a quote: 419 490 4858
(coincidentally, that's the 3rd time I've recommended them this morning!)

Here's my own cars getting loaded for their trips to Florida.




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I used Passport Transport on two occasions, although not recently. Enclosed trucks and good drivers, with very good communications.


Luke Skywalker
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Randy, I love that rig! Imagine using just the truck itself as a race hauler. I'd love to turn up in that at Prescott Hill Climb for the American Nostalgia Weekend in October!!:glee:


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unless one is willing to pay top dollar to one of the leading carriers, shopping around for transport is really.....messy....! go on line and get a few "free" quotes and the sharks come calling! and, the estimates from most brokers are low....some quite low! and, then your broker throws your info onto the big board and the real cost of transport is way beyond the free quote..... 3,4,5,6 hundred or more dollars. oh well, I suppose I knew this from past experiences but it is never easy to accept in principle. thanks for the recommendations and advice from the forum members. the car is nice but not the apple of the purist eye so I elected to do open transport....and hope for the best!


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I found the car on autotrader in California. the current owner did not know much about the car and in particular the conversion to a Chevrolet in line six. I have been looking for a six cylinder conversion for a while ....an in line non healey six! this car looks good and the footboxes, firewall, and chassis have not be modified as in the case of most v8 conversions. it has a tremec 5 speed with .62 overdrive final ratio...same as the 200 4r aod in my other bn6. I would like to remove the 250 six motor and put in a Pontiac sprint ohc motor....used back in the day in the Pontiac tempest! I think all dimensions would be close to those of the 250 motor but the height...and that could kill that idea. at any rate should be able to get 200 plus horsepower without too much expense from the chev 6... anyone on the forum familiar with this car!


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I've been using "Certified Auto Shippers" with good results and at less cost than the big, well-known companies. They're brokers and so they find the best truck for the job. Quick pickup, everything's always been on time (or the next day in one case), and the cost is considerably less than the quotes I've received from the big-name companies. I always had enclosed shipments, but they'll arrange open transport too.

I deal with Kathy Grant at 503.985.6161


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I would like to remove the 250 six motor and put in a Pontiac sprint ohc motor....used back in the day in the Pontiac tempest! I think all dimensions would be close to those of the 250 motor but the height...and that could kill that idea. at any rate should be able to get 200 plus horsepower without too much expense from the chev 6... anyone on the forum familiar with this car![/QUOTE]

Interesting swap idea and it reminds me of this swap into an E-Type: https://www.curbsideclassic.com/blo...-moments-pontiac-ohc-six-powered-jaguar-xk-e/ You definitely want the triple Webers! My dad had a 1967 LeMans Sprint. cool car with the four-barrel. Only problem was with 10.5 compression it would only drink Sunoco 260 without pinging. Nearly 1 hp per cubic inch. Impressive at the time. Last year I saw a Healey with the Vortec 4200 motor. All aluminum, twin cam 6 with about 300 hp https://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/one-of-the-last-american-inline-six-engines-was-in-your-1794604005 He had to do some work on the intake, but managed to get it under the bonnet without a scoop.
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