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Wanted Austin A30, A35, A40 or similar British car in good condition, ready to drive.


Freshman Member
I'm looking for an Austin A30, A35, or A40, or similar small British car. Must be in good driving condition with no rust or major issues. Total originality not necessary, repainted/reconditioned is great, but no weird paint colors, Chevy motors or such.

Would consider other marques, but must be small, British, reasonably original, and completely drivable.

Ready to buy, so let me know what you have! PM or email (gs@truekava.com).

Thanks much,


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Freshman Member
did you see the link I posted on your intro page?
there is also this Vauxhall
and there was an even prettier one around - which frankly was a bit over restored but probably the best one in the world. I can check around it it is still for sale if you want.
Yes, I saw the Devon, thank you! It seems a bit pricey for the condition to me, door bottoms showing some potential rust but hard to be sure in the pics. The Vauxhall looks like a good car, but styling is very late-50s American to my eyes. I prefer the earlier look, basically prewar styling on a post war car, separate fenders.

I'm also not sure if there would be any issues with importing a car from Canada, the one dealer I asked said there would be "fees"...


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The Devon is likely open to negotiation - it's been advertized I think since the summer.

I haven't exported (or imported) any cars - except when we ourselves have also been moving too/from the USA. That said a number of people on this board have imported into the USA - and for the most part it seems pretty painless. More about having documents in order than anything else.

For the most part, LBCs are like buses - there is always another one coming. wait and get the one you want!
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