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Aston-Style Gas Caps

Healey Nut

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Success it worked .
I shortened the swaged section to very close to the same length of the aluminum collar going into it . I cut it with a tube cutter which also slightly reduces the ID . Then some careful reducing by hammering until the collar fit snug in the tube .
Epoxyed inside of tube and a bead around the collar below the thread .
Blue medium strength threadlock on the thread and screwed on the cap .
Cut the whole thing to suitable length and install . It was tight once the swage section was at the rubber body grommet but a little WD40 and some wiggle and in she went .
If I decide to remove the cap I can pull the whole assembly out and use a heat gun to soften the threadlock .
Im happy took less than an hour and looks good .


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Healey Nut

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Gas cap and collar from India of Flea Bay $40CAN , exhaust tube $20CAN so total cost $60CAN
So thats about $24.99US :eagerness::eagerness: with our CAN peso .
Country flag
I got lucky; I was given a used TR3 (or 4?) cap, and it's the same diameter as the MGB/Healey filler tubes, only requiring an additional rubber coupling and a pair of OE-type wire-screw clamps.

I'm in the Dougie Camp, preferring the 45* angle of orientation.


Unfortunately, my web-server is down for some long overdue maintenance, so no highly detailed pictures available (I'd posted this one to FB with my phone, so those are the only ones presently at my disposal :( ). I hope I'm not offline for too long, but I shipped the server back to Michigan where the guy that built it, wrote the program and built the database is, so I'm at his mercy...
Healey Nut

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
Country flag
I just figured 90 degrees as you stand at the side to fill it and I didnt want the cap in the way


Jedi Warrior
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Great job on the Monza Fill Cap! Thanks for the write up Healey Nut. I like the placement: when opened, gravity wont pull the cap back down. GONZO


Luke Skywalker
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A recent upgrade to # 414, the redundant locking mechanism is required in vintage racing.


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