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Area where pillar, shroud, and drainage channel meet.


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I was wondering if anyone had any good pics of the area where the pillar, shroud, and drainage channel meet. I think a piece may have been cut off the top of my pillars. I can’t figure out what the front of the chrome finishers screw to. Is it the drain channel? I know I asked a similar question about the drainage channel and how it fits in a few weeks ago and I appreciate all that helped. I can’t tell from those pics though how the chrome finisher and shut pillar seal get attached.


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Healey Nut

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Your missing a piece off the top of the door shut face , thats what the corner piece screws into .
It extends up to the top of the drain channel area . There will be a gap between the shut face piece and the drain channel .

this is the piece your missing from AH4H


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Wow, never would have guess that from everything I have looked at. I am going to order them today! Hopefully they won't fit like a jigsaw puzzle and I'll be able to tell how they go. Thank you very much!

Bob Hughes

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Looking at the pictures of what you have and what should be there. it appears to me that you are missing a section on the top of the B post. Your top appears level with the top of the rear wing (fender) whilst the other one shows that the B post extends up level with the top of the chrome sections.


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