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Any ideas for a Handbrake Warning Light???


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Haven't driven with park brake on for years but did it the other day and boy did those drums get hot. Doh! I thought the TR3 was running a little sluggish. Any ideas on a warning system?

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My LBC has one, factory. Tab on the arm next to the pivot, switch in a bracket....tied into the brake warning light. No extra lights needed.

Don Elliott

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I feel I don't need a warning light to tell me that the handbrake on my 1958 TR3A is on. If it's on and if it's adjusted right, I can't drive away. It has never been an issue.


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You could do what the flyboys do and use a preflight check list. Lo-tech, no installation required and can be at least as effective as a dashboard light.


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Like Don, I just make sure to always set the brake firmly enough that it is very obvious it is set. If you can't easily set it so the car will only barely move, then there is something wrong with the linkage or rear brakes (contaminated linings, perhaps).

But if you really want to add a warning, I would look at mounting a "micro switch" or limit stop switch under the floor, so the end of the handbrake lever presses on the switch when the brake is released. Here is one example:

Under the floor like that, it probably needs some protection from the elements. Fully sealed switches are available, but are kind of expensive. There's an Altoids tin laying here that looks like it would make a good enclosure, after adding a slot for the lever to protrude through.

Once you've got a switch, the next question is what to wire it to. Personally, I would prefer to avoid any visible modifications, like an extra light on the dash. One approach might be to use some diodes to make the turn signal indicator do double-duty (constant on for brake warning, flashing for turn warning). The method I would probably use would be an audible alert like https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Mall...jUOuU5ynAFwk%3d
perhaps with a diode and big capacitor in series (so it only sounds briefly as you turn the key on).


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
John_Malinick said:
Warning system? Smoke is a pretty good warning system.
Unfortunately, smoke from the rear brakes is hard to see from the driver's seat, especially while you are moving.


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Funny...a warning light never stops my teenage son from driving all day with the parking brake on when he borrows my truck. I try to point out to him that if he isn't applying it enough to notice it dragging, then it's also not enough to do any good as a parking brake. Perhaps a warning buzzer...or better yet, a seat zapper!?!



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Well, it was just suggested on the Triumphs mail list to wire the switch into a relay, so the engine would not run with the handbrake set. That seems extreme to me, but if you want to make absolutely sure no one drives off that way ...

I think I've even come up with a way to have a momentary override switch (for when you want the engine running with the brake set, like when doing a tune-up) and still use only one relay; but it might not work with some electronic ignitions.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
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