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An Upper-Crust Spot Today


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Followed me for a few miles, I tried to get a shot of my rear-view mirror with that grille filling it, but by the time I thought of it this was the best shot that I could get.


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Across on the other side of the intersection was an eighties Alfa Spider, then on the parking lot of the hardware store I was driving to when I took this, I saw a mint condition Mercury Capri (the little Aussie-built one) with hard-top and, wait for it, a Porsche Panamera!!! Man, is that thing big!!!! Reminded me of the Lambo Espada.....

That hardware store is a car magnet, I have seen a Ferrari F40 (a real one!) there in the past, several "ordinary" Porsche 911s and a few LBCs.


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Had a roller following me home today too - brand new Phantom. have seen two Panamera's in the last week also - can't say I love the shape
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