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An expensive sounding noise possibly the transmission

Bob Hughes

Luke Skywalker
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Well, I have been experiencing a loud screaming noise, recently, when overtaking other vehicles at speed, otherwise under normal driving conditions all was well. After the last episode I was beginning to convince myself that something was amiss in the gearbox department and contacted Bill Rawles for some advice. He asked a few questions such as which gear- and overdrive or not and suggested that I drop over and see him.

On the way over I checked out the scenarios, all gears and in and out of overdrive where applicable and strangely enough all at 4000 revs. Pound notes (sorry - coins) swam around my eyes. Then I knocked it out of gear and blipped the throttle up to 4000 and there it was again. Ok, so perhaps the box was fine after all.

We opened up the bonnet (hood) and looked in whilst I started her up, at 4000 the noise was there but the engine noise also drowned it out a touch so it was difficult to understand where it was coming from. Eventually we homed in on the dynamo/water pump / fan belt area and decided to change the belt and see what happened, whilst the belt was off we checked the dynamo and the pump for any movement in the bearings - all was fine. Slipped the new belt on and tried it again - everything in the garden was tickety boo again. I felt a bit embarrassed but I must say that I have never experienced a belt slipping only at high revs. Still I guess that you are never too old to learn with these cars.



Healey 100

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I have definitely had that happen to me. The fan is usually the cause, the load it puts on the belt increases considerably with RPM.
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Same noise; I've had the rear bush in the generator go dry on me twice since we moved to Florida (April 2012).

First time I took it apart and cleaned/lubed everything, but the second time I just followed the maintenance schedule and added a few drops of oil.


Jedi Warrior
once upon a time i was installing a sbc motor in a porsche 911. it was a carburated engine a small flat washer stuck to the carburetor gasket when i had removed the carburetor and gasket from the intake. i did not notice this at the time. when i replaced the gasket on the intake i inadvertently had flipped it over....and now the washer was on the intake side of the gasket. i put washer and nuts on the four intake studs and tightened the carburetor. when i cranked the car i had a loud metallic sounding noise from the engine seemingly in the bell housing area of the porsche transaxle. i removed and seperated the motor and transmission three times trying to the find the cause of the raspy metal something is rubbing sound. the washer had raised the gasket just enough on one side to allow it to vibrate like a reed in an instrument. what an ordeal that was until i happened to remove the carb and noticed the washer on the bottom of the gaslet!!!


Jedi Warrior
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No, Bob, I've always been a Presbyterian.:ba-dump:
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