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Alpine MK IV Automatic BW35


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Hi everybody,
i am looking for additional information concerning the automatic BW35 in my Sunbeam Alpine MK IV
It is running now, but the speedometer does not work because some things are missing (i only have 2-3 pages with drawing from manual of Sunbeam) i only have a cutthru cable with 2 inches cable left on the gearbox.
Anybody knows where to get the rubber which prevents letting hot air pass to the inside at the shifter ?
Maybe some folks still have parts left in the cellar because they changed to manual gearbox, i am looking for anything which might help getting it into original setting.
Maybe somebody also has somme fittings/gaskets etc. ?
My gearbox looses quite some automatic oil so i have to refill some fl.ounces every 200 miles...
mail to
sunbeam@spymac.com (also pictures of any size)


Great Pumpkin


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You do need to see www.sunbeamalpine.org site.The blue car posted belongs to Ian Spencer.moderator of the alpine site.
I'm sure someone will be able to give you the advice that you're seeking


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Thanks for the info,
I have already rebuilt my BW35 automatic gearbox (3speed, very common in the sixties, even Jaguar was using it) this was easy but what i am short of is information/spare parts about the Sunbeam Specific parts of the Automatic, i will try to contact Ian Spencer /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif