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All the pulled muscles were worth it


Darth Vader
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Just about finished with the interior. Just waiting for the seat covers to show up and I need to find a hinge for the center consul lid also need to figure out what I want to do for speakers.







Jedi Trainee
Quite a transformation!

looks great!

BTW.... really like the steering wheel, where did you get it and is it a 14 or a 15 inch? Rosewood?


Great Pumpkin
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Stewart, As the original single speaker was under the glove box, I placed my speakers in the door panels. You can get high quality speakers that have a shallow depth, which is needed to install them there or the window assembly will hit it. Bose is one. Personally, I wouldn't even install a radio in another one. You can't hear it anyway while driving unless the volume is up high enough so people three blocks away can hear it. I'd rather have the blank in there. But, to each his own. Here's the 72.



Darth Vader
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Its a 13" mourtny (SP) wheel. https://www.victoriabritish.com/ICATALOG/MG/full.aspx?Page=83

I've gone the door route before with speakers but I want to do something different this time. My 75 has a nice set of component speakers in the doors along with an amp and you can hear it going 90mph but at that point it so loud it hurts your ears.

I'm not doing that this time though I would like to move the speakers out of the doors.
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Amazing transformation!! :laugh: LOOKS GREAT!!

On the speaker front, do you have a spare set of head rests? You could disassemble them and mount speakers inside. I wouldn't do it to a good original pair but if you have some usable spares, might be worth looking into.
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