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TR2/3/3A Air Vent Drain Hose


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I have been tracking down a series of water leaks in my TR3B. The car was from Arizona, so water leaks were probably not an issue. Today I put a new gasket around the fresh air vent when I discovered that there is actually an fixture on which to attach a water drain hose. Moss has the part number listed (680-835 Drain tube, vent tray) so I know it exists, my only issue now is to determine where this how exits the car to run the water out side. Can anyone tell me where this hose goes out of the car?




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Take it to the passenger side and there is a hole through the firewall behind / below the glove box. The hole makes a tight fit with the tubing and it just vents into the engine bay. The other drain tube you need is from your battery box which comes staright down and through a hole in the top of the gear box cover. Hoep this helps. If you need a photo I can do a couple tomorrow.

Frank D.....


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I guess you didn't read my post on your other thread regarding water leaks Mike...


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I've also seen the vent drain teed together with the battery drain, so both exit through the gearbox tunnel. But that may have been an early configuration, or possibly a DPO-ism.

BTW, the "hole through the firewall" is actually in the rubber panel that seals the opening where the steering column would be for a RHS car.


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I have seen pictures of what you are talking about, but neither my 59 or 60's had this panel on the passenger side bulkhead. Only a hole for the hose through the metal.



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Probably depends on whether you have an "ambidextrous" body or not. All of mine have had the holes, etc so they could be used in either RHS or LHS configuration. I didn't think about some of them not having the cutouts for RHS.
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