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Air Cleaners for Mark I BT7


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Hi All,
Had my carbs rebuilt at Apple Hydraulics and now I need to replace my air cleaners.
Any advice on how/where to get the best replacements would be appreciated.
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Re: air cleaners Mk1 BT7

I also have a MKI BT7 that I'm restoring. I like the K&N's. Think they do the best job as far as filtering plus they look good. Not for a concours restoration, but are far superior to originals. Think there's a term used for the originals, something like gravel guards. Think Moss and VB carry both styles (K&N and original style), plus the pancake style.


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The cone-shaped K&Ns have the easiest clearance in the front. The 1-3/4" thick cylindrical K&N is a tight fit between the front carb and shroud - possibly causing bending of the shroud edge.

The front one can be relieved to give enough clearance. See: https://www.healey6.com/Technical/KNFilterMods4.pdf

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