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TR4/4A aftermarket choke cable


Jedi Trainee
It measures 5 ft long. It seems like I need to hack off at least 2 ft. Anyone know a trick for cutting this cable? Also it came with a knob. I would like to use an original knob which I have. Is there a problem?
Al Shoop


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
If it came with a knob, very likely the knob doesn't mount the same as the original. You might be able to make up an adapter, though. I have one of my TR3 knobs mounted to a piece of hex computer board standoff, with a tiny setscrew in place of the spring pin. If the aftermarket knob doesn't unscrew, you may have to break it off and thread the end of the shaft for the adapter.

Remove the inner cable, and if it is stranded, wrap a turn of masking tape tightly around it. Then cut it slowly with a Dremel and abrasive cutoff blade. The cable is hardened spring steel, so ordinary cutters cannot cut it cleanly (and will be damaged by the attempt). The same tool will also cut the outer housing cleanly. Dress any sharp edges before you put it back together.


Jedi Trainee
Hi Randall
It's always something. First of all you are right. The knobs don't match. The original has a large hex hole the aftermarket has a smaller round hole. Secondly, the aftermarket has a slightly larger outer diameter and does not fit into the carburetor receptacle. Lastly, it's way too long although thanks for the cutting tip. I do have a tool for cutting stainless braid, the housing is another matter.
With heating and a liberal dose of penetrating oil, I have managed to reclaim the old cable so that is what I will use. Sadly I have the new unused cable which I can't return. I bought it many years ago and I also cut up the bag it came in and I doubt that Moss will take it back. Anyway, thanks for being there.
Al Shoop
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