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After more than 10 years it is back on the road.


This car was a literal basket case when I bought it. About 15 large boxes of parts, an interior destroyed by mice, and what was together was just hung together to resemble a car and had to be torn apart again for a fresh start. A bit of a challenge because I had never really looked at a Midget much less ever worked on one, or even a MG for that matter.

The car was originally orange and had been painted dark green. The paint and body work was pretty bad. The original interior was black. I completely stripped the car and painted it with Eastwood Euro Green urethane. The interior is now beige with the seat covers and carpet by Prestige and the panels by Mirror Trim. Mirror Trim includes some extra material and a couple lengths of matching piping with their panel kits and I used some of that for the radio counsel. The dash has a new full cover and the oil pressure/temp gauge was rebuilt by West Valley Instruments. I still need to install the chrome strips on the grill and replace the rear windows for the top. I hope to have the rear window replaced with a zippered one and to have the pull tabs on the outside so we don't have to reach over and around the seats to operate the zippers.

The restoration was complete from the ground up. The engine was rebuilt. Relays were installed for the headlights, horn, and brake light switch. Hela horns were installed because of their increased volume. The SU fuel pump was replaced with a new electronic one and a Facet pump added as a backup with a toggle switch to chose which pump is used. The neutral safety switch, seat belt wires, and door buzzer were all eliminated from the wiring and a new wiring diagram was made to reflect the changes.

I started the project with the front suspension, brakes, and wheel bearings. When installing the new bearings I noticed they did not fit correctly which led to a couple years of research and searching for bearings that did fit properly. Yes, it was me that started that discussion. Here is the result https://smithtr6.com/bearings.htm and now Moss does have bearings that fit correctly.

So with a lot of help from Peter C and the folks here and other places I now have a pretty nice Midget.

Many thanks to all.

IMG_7321.JPG IMG_7490.JPG IMG_7486.JPG IMG_7488.JPG


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Tom congrats a long journey that often changes from Hobby to obsession to madness and back again. My wife does not have the vision to understand why I love the "rusty piece of junk" I call Bugsy that occupies our one car garage. But I have a vision of what he will become, and how he will sound, and what the first drive will be like that keeps me moving ever so slowly forward. Enjoy yor ride��


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Wow. "Pretty Nice" is a grand understatement. She's REALLY nice! :cheers:


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Well done! Hope you have many good miles of driving enjoyment, after all those years and good work you deserve it! :cheers:


Great Pumpkin
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Very nice indeed. Congratulations.


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Gosh I'm late but meant to agree with all the above. Very nice job. Hope mine will come out anywhere near that quality.


Thanks for all the nice comments and again for all the help.
I plan on taking a top-down drive either today or tomorrow before putting it away for the winter. It will be the first time for a drive with the top down it has been just to cold and wet since having it on the road. Next Spring I also plan on taking it about 100 miles north so the guy that started the project and the guy that ended up with it before the car finally came to me can both see it.
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