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After a long break....


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I’m back to working on my car.

In 2014 I broke my leg and after 5 surgeries over about 2 years it is pretty solid now. After that I moved, then had a special-needs daughter bullied out of public high school. She’s doing well now in a private school and we’re settled nicely into our downsized house with an upsized garage :friendly_wink:.

Im back at work on my Bugeye.

Current status:

The whole car was disassembled some time in 2013 I think.

- I took all the parts down to bare metal and repainted (suspension, diff, axles, tranny, etc)
- Everything came off the engine except for the head and oil pan for repainting.
- Put stub-stacks on the carbs and converted to K&N cone filters
- I did carpet and seats prior to the tear-down
- Refurbed dash and gauges
- Designed and assembled a relay/fuse panel/wiring harness
- I stripped and painted the wheels Rustoleum Smoke Gray
- The under body and wheel wells have been cleaned and painted with Rustoleum Truck bed liner.
- The engine bay has been painted Satin black.
- DIY front tilt conversion.

All that is really left is paint and assembly. I had to do extensive body work. It’s close now, buy not really ready for a proper paint job. I’m tired of sanding, I’m going to plasti-dip the whole car for now so I can drive it. Maybe when the kids are out of college I will strip it down and paint it right. Plasti-dip is fun, cheap, and easy. 5-6 coats about 30 min appart, no sanding and your done.

More to come, happy to be back
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David, I was just looking for your old web site a few months ago. Glad you are back.


Obi Wan
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Sorry to hear about the ‘bumps’ in life and I’m glad they are smoothing out! Welcome back and we’ve missed you and your detailed posts...post some pictures to get us up to speed. I have no experience with Plasti-dip and can’t wait to hear more about it.


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Welcome back indeed.


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Welcome back, David. I'm a Spridget guy in Dallas who is about to get serious about building two Bugeyes. I've got a garage full of parts from many cars I've parted out over the years. Let me know if you need anything.


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Sorry it has been so long since I’ve updated. Some pics of progress below, more details in my recently resurected blog.







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