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TR2/3/3A AE Pistons ?


Obi Wan
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I saw a New set of AE pistons for sale. (just the top part not the rods} for $200. Are these the old school pistons that used to be sold for TR3's back in the day. Just speculating here but can liners be machined to fit these piston tops? Aren't piston and liners normally sold as a set? Would using these even doable or practical?


Obi Wan
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My TR4A came with oversized (0.030") AE pistons and bored liners. Victoria British also used to sell pistons and liners separately. I think it's like any other car: you can buy new pistons and bore the liners for them. Seems pretty silly to me, though; by time you do that, you've probably spent about as much as a piston and liner set would cost.


Jedi Warrior
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British Parts NW sells several sizes of liner sets. There is even an 89mm set. A good friend
is using these in his Tr4 and loves the extra torque. This is considered to be the max over bore.
But requires a special head gasket. Some where I have the part # for Vanolia 87mm pistons.
Also worth mentioning is the fact that forged steel rods are now very affordable, not like a few
years back. For a whole bunch of reasons these are the only way to go.
Mad dog


Freshman Member
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When I did my first rebuild, my machine shop honed the liners to give me a .040 overbore....which meant 87mm pistons would fit it if I recall correctly. Yes, liners can be bored or honed.
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