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Advice for installing a 3000 Grille???


Jedi Trainee
I remember having quite a time removing the Grille from my parents 1961 3000. Any advice on how to re-install it? Procedure? I currently have the fan shroud installed and I am guessing it needs to come out before I attempt to install the grille?


Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Once you have the smiley mouth and eyebrow installed the grill can be installed carefully from underneath the car . The splash sheilds have to be off and the grill goes in from the side if my memory is correct .all this can be done with the engine etc all in place .
Its a B€§?h to do . You need patience and very flexible wrists fingers etc .and small tools 1/4” drive sockets etc
Alcohol on completion of work is optional . But if you didnt drink before you started you will when your done .

Rob Glasgow

Jedi Knight
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If by fan shroud you mean the flat metal pieces that direct the air flow into the front of the radiator, then yes they need to come out. As well as the two splash guards. Healy nut gave you the proper sequence. If you have new paint, be extremely careful installing the eyebrow and lower chrome trim piece on the body shroud opening. They both have sharp ends that will scratch the paint. Some of the bolts that hold the grill in place are pretty self explanatory but some of those bolts also hold parts of the air flow panels I mentioned at the beginning. My advice is to not tighten the bolts until you've got all the pieces back in place.


Country flag
I did mine recently. It attaches with 1/4-28 x 3/4" (or maybe longer) hex screws, with washers and lockwashers - which go into captive nuts around the periphery of the opening.
With the front of the car on stands...
The easiest way is to lie on your back, insert it up from the bottom and start all the screws by hand, then tighten with your 1/4" drive, 7/16" socket. The lower left and right may be a little longer to accommodate the braces for the splash shields.


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One pair of these:


Drone Dog

Jedi Warrior
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i just put mine in a month or so ago. i thought i must be doing it wrong. it was a pain. guess it was not just me...


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The worst part of all this is installing the air deflectors on each side of the radiator. A way to make this easier is to clip u-nuts onto the top holes, in the deflectors, where you bolt them to the shroud - probably a lot cheaper at hardware stores - they're also good on the heater blower "feet":
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