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Access to Bugeye ignition switch.


Jedi Warrior
I need to run a wire to my fuel pump. I am assuming the correct place is from the ignition switch.

Do I have drop the instrument panel to get access to it, and that means uncoupling the steering shaft. Or is there an easier way to do this? It seems the PO installed the screw on the ignition switch mounting clamp from the top before installing the instrument panel, so there is no obvious way to unship it without at least moving the instrument panel down.

Is the panel held in by just one fixing at each end and one in the middle? The middle one is really hard to reach.


Jedi Warrior
Chris, at your fuse box, 1 wire is switched.... white I think. 1 wire is unswitched.. brown I think. Pull your pump power from there.

Peter C


Obi Wan
Country flag
:iagree: Get it where the white wire connects to the fuse and the pump will come to life with the switch.


Jedi Warrior
Thanks, both. Good advice. I actually found that the wire for the previous pump installation on the left front wheel arch took its supply from exactly where you describe, so for the moment I just extended that wire to the new pump location, next to the right-hand rear shock absorber, right where the main fuel line passes. Will post a pic when I have it all connected and wired up.
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