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A35 Race Mallory Park-UK-2015


Great Pumpkin
This looks like fun!



Jedi Knight
Country flag
They always look like they are about to tip over.
Country flag
Can someone photoshop Wallace and Gromit into that poster?? :D


Great Pumpkin
It's stalled right now due to too-cold weather (unheated garage) combined with family stuff.
(watching grandkids twice a week plus visiting elderly father-in-law in nursing home several times a week......and teaching two nights a week)

We're kind of the "sandwich generation" right now. When school is out (in about 12 weeks) I have a week of training (MasterCAM and Haas CNC programming). After that, I'll have more time.
Meanwhile, I'm busy prepping the Spridget for the Jefferson 500. Luckily, it's in decent shape. I will run 7 or 8 events with it in 2015.

I'm very motivated to get the A35 out at least once in 2015, but it will depend on some stuff that I can't control.


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Wow, you're one busy guy. Keep us posted, I love those A35 racers...


Jedi Knight
I've always thought the A35s were the coolest race cars ever. Watching these things being raced in the UK is insane.
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