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A plan to replace BE floor pans


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I am planning on drilling out the welds of the old floor pans from the top side (cockpit), so as to leave a hole in which to MIG weld the new pan on through the holes. I’m thinking a 5/16 cobalt drill bit. I looked at weld cutters but not sure why I would use one as I am just chucking the old swiss cheese floor pans anyway. In the end I expect I will have a solid pan underneath and grind the welds flat from the top side so they look nicer than a bunch of blobs. Yes, a lot of drilling and grinding... My cockpit cross member supports and trans tunnel are very solid so I don't expect to have a support problem, but I do worry about sag when removing a body part like this.

I made some screw+pipe expander rods to put in the cockpit and keep the body straight while I do this, and I’ll only do one side at an time. I plan to check the door fit before welding on the new pan.

Anything else I am forgetting or not considering? Thanks in advance.
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