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A little identification help please


Freshman Member
Good Morning all,
I inherited some old cars from my Uncle recently and one of them is an Austin of England but I have no idea what model. Assume I know nothing of old cars and Austins particularly and you would be on the right track. This Austin and a Puegeot 403 were in the barn while the others were outside. I have not seen the car in person and will not be able to get back to MT until late spring but my Dad took several rather grainy photos of it. The rectangular (or so it seems) rear window throws me off of thinking it might be an A40. Any help would be appreciated. If this is posted in the wrong spot kindly let me know


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Great Pumpkin
I'm no expert for sure, but there were several models of A40 saloons, and the "Austin of England" indicates manufacture between 1950 and 1952, just before Austin and Morris merged into BMC.

So I'm thinking you've now got a Peugeot 403 as well as an Austin A40 Devon (or Dorset if two-door) saloon car. Too bad the photos are so fuzzy, but here's a website for you:



Hope this helps!
Tom M.


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Thanks for the links, manual and help Gents, I appreciate it. If I can bribe one of my brothers to push her out and take some really good photos I will post them here. Kind of a neat little car though.


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Is the Peugeot 403, a 4 door sedan? Station Wagon or Convertible? As a kid our family cars were the Peugeot sedan and Station Wagon. Solidly built cars but underpowered. Ours logged 300K+ miles before being sold to a collector. We all liked the sedan's sunroof - sort of a novelty back in the '60s - but loved the wagon.

Check out the period full length factory film on Peugeot


Freshman Member
Puegoit 403.jpg I cant tell how many doors, these are the only pics I have. Definitely not a convertible though. I will not have a chance to see these in person until spring and then will need to figure out what to do with them. The only vehicle of them all of interest to me is the Studebaker truck but I know nothing more about any of them except what you see in the photos. I did not bother putting the other pics of Studebakers, Henry J, Hudson, Fraser, Desoto's, and Pontiacs on here as my question was orginally posted about the Austin and Puegeot and as they were under some kind of protection for the past 20-30 years in the barn they would have been, maybe, in better condition. My Uncle loved cars from the late 40's through early 60's and had a number of them in various stages of cannablization , rebuild, partially restored or fully restored. The really neat ones he donated to the car museum in Deer Lodge, MT as he rightly assumed the rest of us would not have the appreciation he did for the vehicles.


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That's a 4 door sedan and the same color combination as our wagon (beige w/ two tone interior). Looks to be in good condition. Thanks for sharing. Gonzo


Great Pumpkin
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A-40 is a nice all weather family car, not the greatest in power, but it wasn't designed to be a speed demon. I had an older Austin 10 when I was in high school. Be surprised just how many kids one could pile in it! :highly_amused:

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