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A-H 3000 for sale - looks like a real barnfind


Great Pumpkin
Here's a 3000 for sale.

Looks like a "real" banfind!

In Warwick, NY.

I have no financial interest.




Country flag
German import car. Note the kph speedo and the lack of ears on the knockoffs as required by German safety regs. I've noticed that the German dealers affixed small brass plaques to their cars to identify where they came from like the "Drosch" plate on the 3000


Drosch must have sold a few Healeys in their time as a google search shows this bugeye with the same plaque:



Jedi Knight
I just read the seller's ad in which he politely asks for "serious inquiries only" , and " make no inquiries about price without making an offer" , for only those inquiries with an offer will be deemed worthy of consideration for a response evidently.
Its almost like there is a real yet hidden value there the defies being revealed by mere pictures.
I emailed him and said " Sir , I know I'm not worthy of such a fine car and would only consider making a cash offer for it in person , but cut the crap and say what you want for the old dog." Fair isn't it?


Jedi Warrior
Come on, it's fun buying cars this way. You make a low offer, he gets offended, you ask for his price and he gives a ridiculously high one then the game begins. Then there's the local guy who offered such but he really wants to sell it to you because he doesn't like the other guy. No way of verifying the "other bid". Exactly how I bought my 100. Very glad I played though!

At today's prices, real or imagined, I don't know if I would play along for very long though.


Jedi Knight
I agree , it is fun , but only to a point. If a seller has a car that is desirable because of its condition or model then I'll play . Like Reid and others have pointed out, some of these models just aren't worth restoring from a practical point of view. The market has spoken. This car would take 30 grand just to make it worth 20.
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