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79 mg midget 1500 wiring


Senior Member
After installing a Pertronix Ignitor I turned the key and the Pink/White and White/Green wire that run all the way to the front of the car started to smoke and melt. Need help with this wiring problem. Thanks


Obi Wan
Country flag
Well, it seems obvious that you've simply miswired something in the process of installing the ignition unit. It's hard for anyone here to say exactly what has been done without seeing it. Main thing is to get a wiring diagram and check over everything you did, and I suspect you'll have one of those slap-the-forehead ("Geez, did I really do that?!") moments pretty soon.

Those wires, I think, are interior lights and rear lighting, for the most part. I'm not sure of your car, but in some those circuits are not fused. If they are, however, it sounds like you don't have the right value of fuse. For starts, check that, so you don't set fire to something.


Staff member
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I think it might be more complicated than that Steve, there are a couple of wires that don't show up on wiring charts and I believe these may be them. Greg? I can't look right now but will attack my wiring charts in a hour or so.


Great Pumpkin


Staff member
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OK, took a look and, so far I suspect that you are having the problem we all seem to get at some point namely that the diodes that are there for the emission stuff allow voltage creep which causes these issues. In my case it was the starter that wouldn't disengage. It's also related to the brake failure switch.

To test this out, try disconnecting the brake failure switch - it is the plug that plugs into the nylon piece at the brake line splitter below the Master cylinder. see if that cures it.

I have not yet been able to correct this even though I have removed the diodes and cut the line. but, my guess is that that is your issue.

let me know


The white/green should be connected to the positive (+) terminal of your coil. The white pink wire is the resistor wire for the coil and it too should be connected to the green/white wire that connects to the positive terminal of the coil.


Staff member
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thanks Morris - sounds like I may have been looking at the wrong part of the wiring diagram


Senior Member
Thanks guys for the advice and the wiring diagram. Got the wiring CORRECTLY hooked up and she fired. With plugs gapped at 40 and the timing set 13 degrees BTDC she sounds pretty good! If I had a clutch and brakes I'd take her for a spin. Sitting in a dirt floor barn for 5 years took its toll. Thanks Again Guys!
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